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New Identity for Your Favorite Car: LED License Plate

Because of government norms, we have to install front license plates. But that don’t have to ruin my car’s beauty; it can enhance instead! And that’s what LED License Plates do – play like an accessory to make it more attractive!

This plate has an LED strip round-up that light ups the plate all around. And you can also order for a custom logo, name, or sign to be laser-engraved along with the compulsory boring info. It can be just anything you want, send us any kind of Photoshop image files, and it’ll be right there.

Now you don’t need to ruin your car or pay the hefty tickets, just check out our LED License Plate. And we’re sure you’ll offer one for the reverse one as well!

Let me tell you what makes them so tempting:

Modern & Stylish:
The LEDs give it an awesome and scientific appearance that catches every eye passing through. It’s modern; it’s stylish; it’s new; it’s unique. And if that doesn’t sound enough, think of nights!!

The Perfect Match:
Wait, it’s not matching. But guess what! Beautiful things always match with each other. It definitely will not look good on some DIY truck, but for your awesome car – it’s just the perfect match.

Though, you can put your own logo, name, design, or anything visible on your car, it is way more ‘yours’ now. We use the laser beam to engrave the image on the plate, which means – no boundaries! Want to name your love!? Don’t forget to make it stylish.

Sturdy & Durable:
Made of 6mm thick high-quality and clear Acrylic, it can easily tolerate the pressure and will not brake until you hit into something.


Yes, it’s costly compared to the traditional ones but not enough to stop you from decorating your favorite car.

However, there are other benefits as well, like – you don’t get tickets, it makes awesome selfies, can help in branding, etc.

And don’t worry if you don’t have anything in mind to put on it, we might help you some ideas.



Contact us now, and we’ll deliver your personalized LED License Plates as soon as possible. You’re always free to order another for backside!

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